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Welcome AS/400 & iSeries Professionals

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         Who are we?
         We are a group of professional AS/400 analysts and programmers who have worked together for many years. Our complementary talents are temporary resources to satisfy your AS/400 project needs. Programmer assistance and staff supplementation ala carte.
Whatever your programming requirements, we provide AS/400 SOLUTIONS.
We can create custom AS/400 software or customize and enhance existing applications.
We pledge to provide you the highest caliber, professional assistance.
Helping you achieve your business goals through efficient use of your AS/400 is our chosen profession.
We have our own AS/400. We offer "onsite" or "offsite" programming services. We can also dial into your AS/400 and work remotely.
We are based in Atlanta, Georgia and we service the local area for "onsite" AS/400 projects. We have successfully completed "offsite" development projects for out of state clients.

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Last Updated: September 12, 2002